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Rivereo Inc.

" Without a doubt, the key differentiator is the people - the Filipinos.

Rivereo chose the Philippines due to a very high level of compatibility with UK and other European cultures. We have found that very similar behavioral & work ethics have enabled our Filipino staff to blend seamlessly with their European counterparts. We are also very impressed with the technical depth and experience of our Filipino staff.

The success of our offshore business model is heavily dependent on fully integrating the Rivereo and client staff into one single global development team working to achieve a common goal. Our clients have consistently rated their Rivereo teams in the Philippines much higher than previous experiences they have had with alternative offshore locations.

Our dedicated teams have contributed profoundly to the success of our clients by providing a rapid, scaleable way to grow their development capability to meet global demands.  More importantly, our teams are no longer seen as a "typical offshore team", rather they are viewed as extensions or virtual employees due to the degree of closeness and positive interaction they have with our clients.

Moreover the Philippines has all the necessary resources in terms of manpower (highly-skilled IT professionals), technology (network infrastructure, hardware, & software availability) and process maturity to support the growth of Rivereo's business. "

~ Gary Cooper

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