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Philippine Exporters

Anino Games, Inc.


Anino Games is a third-party game developer specializing in end-to-end game development for the PC, Nintendo DS, and mobile phone platforms. We are the pioneer and largest game development studio in the Philippines, with 45 developers and award-winning original IP such as Anito: Defend A Land Enraged (IGF 2004), Anima Wars (IMGA 2006), and Word Archery (Indie Game Showcase 2007).

We also have a strong background in Cinematics (Full-Motion-Videos) and art outsourcing ? with expertise in 2D concept art, storyboarding, 3D modeling, shader programming, texturing and normal maps.

We have a 100% English-speaking staff who are passionate about games and are familiar with both Eastern and Western culture. Our uncompromising perfectionism for our work is not hampered by the cost-effective budgets we offer to clients.

Two of our popular clients include Disney (US) and Activision (US).



No. of Employees:
2002: 7
End 2007: 48

Services Provided:
- Full end-to-end game development for PC, Nintendo DS, & mobile
- Cinematics / Full-Motion-Video creation
- 3D modeling and texturing
- 2D concept art and storyboarding
- Serious Games
- Architectural Walkthroughs

Countries Served:
As of 2007: UK, Portugal, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, India, Canada, US, and Philippines


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