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European IT Service Center Foundation (EITSC)

European IT Service Center Foundation (EITSC)

The European IT Service Center Foundation (EITSC) is an initiative of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), the German Development Cooperation (GTZ) and the Asia-Europe Foundation of the Philippines to bridge the eSourcing needs of Europe with the IT/BPO capabilities in the Philippines.

It offers following services:

Enhancing IT/BPO knowledge and skills

The EITSC firmly supports human capability building as critical to developing the country's knowledge economy. It provides training courses and seminars for students, graduates, teachers, and IT/BPO professionals in cooperation with leading training providers.

Training programs include soft skills such as customer care and leadership as well as technical skills like basic and advanced desktop applications and computer programming.

In cooperation with non-government organizations and local social services departments, the EITSC also provides high school awareness seminars and out-of-school youth development programs.

Matching European eSourcing needs with Philippine IT/BPO capabilities

The Philippines has ample supply of competent IT/BPO partners that have the skills and capabilities to cover most eSourcing requirements.  Philippine companies have a proven record of service and delivery portfolios that meet quality and schedule requirements of clients. The EITSC creates the link between offshore clients, particularly in Europe, and Philippine service providers.

The EITSC has formed a consortium of private and public enterprises to promote the country's competitive advantage in the global outsourcing market.  Dubbed as 'Team Europe', the consortium helps increase awareness for Philippine IT/BPO services in the European market.

Assisting European companies start-up operations in the Philippines

The EITSC facilitates the market-entry requirements of European companies such as the conduct of partner search, feasibility/market studies, company registration, executive recruitment, the setup of office infrastructure, and the acquisition of legal and technical advice on doing business in the Philippines.

The EITSC has in-depth knowledge of the Philippine business environment and its network of experts are ideally suited to provide all-around assistance to European small and medium enterprises intending to locate operations in the Philippines.

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