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Who Is With Us

Many companies around the world are already using the services of the Philippine IT/BPO industry - whether directly via a subsidiary or a partnership with a local company or indirectly via an international 3rd party provider with branches in the home country of the company and a service center in the Philippines.

This leads to the following structure of the Philippine IT/BPO industry: 

  • Captives: Big globally operating corporations outsource in-house parts of their operations in the Philippines

  • 3rd Party Providers: International 3rd party providers offer services to companies worldwide from the Philippines 

  • Philippine Exporters: Independent Philippine companies provide services to international clients

Through this mix the right service is offered to companies of all sizes and branches around the world.

In addition to big well known corporations also many small and medium sized companies have discovered the Philippines as ideal location for their needs. Philippine service providers offer flexible and economic solutions dependant on the requirements of their customers. If you feel more comfortable with a local partner in your home country, many 3rd party providers of all sizes provide you with the excellent service from the Philippines combined with a local counterpart. Subsidiaries of foreign SME also show successfully that global sourcing is also a manageable and an economic alternative for smaller companies to stay competitive in the global business world.

The following pages show some examples of European companies, which already do business in the Philippines and Philippines companies, which serve European customers to give an overview of services provided out of the Philippines. However, many more international companies have established their branches here and more business relationships exist between Philippine and European companies.

3rd Party Providers
Philippine Exporters