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Breakfast Sessions: Managing Global Sourcing Complexity

Posted July 01, 2010

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), the Business Process Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), and Trestle Group have joined hands to promote the Philippine IT/ BPO capabilities in Europe. We are of the opinion that more European MNCs could benefit from the excellent experience of BPO companies in the Philippines and consider moving shared services to this country.


The Trestle Group is organizing executive breakfast sessions on "Managing Global Sourcing Complexity" in Frankfurt, Germany on 22 September 2010 and in Zuerich, Switzerland on 06 October 2010.

These events provide insights into best practices in:

    * implementing multisourcing strategies,
    * managing human resources and communicating change,
    * evaluating locations and knowing when to move,
    * utilizing captive centers versus third party providers,
    * balancing provider and client expectations,
    * outsourcing combined with IT/ Infrastructure leasing, and
    * new trends in outsourcing.

Executives of European MNCs in the Philippines or those people in headquarters who are involved in outsourcing considerations or in shared services are invited to these events.

Audience is limited to industry professionals.

Please RSVP
by July 30, 2010 to frankfurt@trestlegroup.com.
by August 20, 2010 to zurich@trestlegroup.com.
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