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Philippines: Selected Issues

"The Philippines has established a strong presence in voice-based BPO sectors such as call centers, and there are also signs of growth potential in other offshore services, such as medical transcription and animation."

"Salary levels for skilled workers such as workers for the BPO industry in the Philippines are recognized as competitive relative to other countries in the region, and slightly higher than those in China and India. Together with cultural and social affinities with customer countries such as the U.S., competitive wages have played a key role in attracting BPOs to the Philippines. Moreover, industry observers believe wage pressures going forward might be higher in countries such as India and Vietnam which have begun to hit supply bottlenecks with regard to the available labor pool."

"The Philippines is an attractive outsourcing destination. According to some business attractiveness surveys, the country is highly ranked as an outsourcing location, compared with other key destinations."

~ International Monetary Fund (March 2007)

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