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Asiatype Inc.

" Their flexibility has nurtured a steady partnership with our company, and their technical know-how in conversion and styling of complex manuscripts with non-Latin scripts are what earned our confidence in commissioning their company to handle major projects, such as the Encyclopædia of Islam on CD-ROM. "

~ Gert Jager
Production Manager, Brill Academic Publishers

" I was indeed very happy with the quality of typesetting and compositing of my title. It was a very nice job indeed and I was especially pleased that my piece, which included words in several different alphabets, was so well set. "

~ Dr. Dominic Montserrat
Author, Department of Classics, University of Warwick, Coventry

"Thomson Corporate Finance contracted with the Asiatype Publishing Services arm when we desperately needed outside assistance with one of our key publications. Our existing vendor had been unable to quickly adapt to our new XML data feed, and our year end release date (and associated revenue) was at great risk. Asiatype Publishing was able to analyze our data and markup, our page layout, and our production processes, quickly determining that they could handle the job, meeting our aggressive schedule.

And deliver they did. Asiatype Publishing Services met every deadline, working closely and in true partnership with our editorial and production teams. The publication went out on schedule, the use of our XML data reduced our internal production time and expenses, and the total cost of the effort was LESS than what our long time vendor could offer. Thomson Corporate Finance was a very happy customer, and we look forward to continuing our work with the exceptional Asiatype Publishing team."

~ Jamie Poklop
VP Operations, Thomson Corporate Finance

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