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Shell Shared Service Center Manila

" The Shell Shared Service Centres were envisioned to become Centres of Excellence that will deliver activities targeting world-class performance via operational excellence, process improvements, operational efficiencies and leveraging economies of scale. While cost was a factor in the determination of SSSC Manila, it certainly was not the sole consideration. The high educational background of the Filipinos ? all employees have a university degree ? and an accounting level comparable to the US, were also important factors. When SSSC Manila had proven its success for the US clients, European companies followed. Now we work in three shifts to serve our clients in different time zones.

The performance of our Philippine team has exceeded our expectations. Especially the work attitude and ethics are impressive. If there are challenges the team gets together to solve them without caring doing overtime work. We find a strong sense of responsibility among our staff. Even a typhoon doesn't keep our employees from coming to work. Moreover their affinity to the Western culture and their high level of English make the Philippines an attractive offshoring destination for our customers worldwide. "

~ Noel Paraso

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