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Maersk Global Service Centres (Philippines) Ltd.

" To be frank, the forerunner among shipping lines taking advantage of off-shoring was the American container shipping company Sea-Land Service Inc. When A.P. Moller-Maersk purchased this company in December, 1999, Sea-Land had already a documentation centre in Manila providing service to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Maersk Line continued the Manila site while establishing shared services centres also in India and China over the following years.
The current legal entity was incorporated in 2001 and the centre inaugurated by Mrs Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo that year.

Over the years, the Manila site has been built up steadily to its current 1,000-strong workforce providing a range of different service 24 hours a day, with 2007 seeing the addition of 200 new staff members as the portfolio of services was expanded.
Due to a competitive cost picture and highly qualified staff, the Manila centre is currently the only of six such Maersk Line centres to house all of the business processes that the company has chosen to offshore till now.

With the new company strategy unveiled by Maersk Line in January 2008, it is likely that the pace of automating and off-shoring tasks will quicken, and thus 2008 is expected to see the addition of another 200 employees in Manila. The company will retain its current 4-floor office space and instead expand by taking in more night work.

The other shared services centres of Maersk Line are of similar size and are located in Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune in India, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China.
Despite the appreciation of the Philippine Peso, the relative cost picture of the Philippine operation is still fairly advantageous, partly as result of a stable salary development in the Philippines as compared to India and the East coast of China.

Our company considers employees in the back office like staff in front office in terms of career opportunities, training and development. A substantial sum is spent yearly on training and traveling, and the Manila services centre has several Filipino employees with home base in Manila expatriated for work in other Maersk Line offices around the world.

The company measures employee engagement globally on an annual basis and was pleased to register an engagement level in the Manila site in 2007 somewhat higher than for the A.P.Moller-Maersk group in general, despite the nature of the data work that is performed. Together with a moderate attrition rate, the pool of highly qualified and motivated staff with a high level of English proficiency makes the Philippines the right choice for Maersk Line for performing back-office functions thousands of kilometres from the front offices where the interaction with customers takes place. "

~ Erik Moller Nielsen
Managing Director

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