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Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Inc.

" Siemens, one of the Global Leaders in IT Outsourcing set up shop in Manila in the year 2005. There were multiple views on where to establish base and the competition was between India and the Philippines. The latter was chosen primarily due to the high quality of human capital as well as readily available technology resources. The Philippines has played its role to perfection by supplying over 400,000 college graduates on a yearly basis, 80,000 of which are from the IT/Computer Science and Engineering Field. This large availability of resources helps fulfill any and all needs from an expansion perspective. The labor force has a very good grasp of the English language and has a very strong affinity towards Western Culture. In addition Filipinos culturally have a strong sense of customer service, which manifests itself in increased satisfaction, thereby creating the ideal customer experience. These are all very desirable qualities in promoting and sustaining the off-shoring experience.

We chose the Philippines also due to reliable infrastructure support in terms of real estate, security, power and technology. These aspects helped provide additional redundancy options, which were a crucial component from our customers view point.

All in all, it has been a very exciting 2 years for Siemens IT Solutions and Services in the Philippines. We have managed to grow the business at a very fast pace. Our current customers are thrilled with the services provided and are insisting on expanding the services offered. We look forward to enhancing our presence in the Philippines and expanding on our service offerings. "

~ Sandeep Abraham
Vice President

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