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The Thomson Corporation

" Our Philippine operations provide the organization a host of benefits important to a global financial information services provider like Thomson.  Beyond the obvious benefits in terms of cost arbitrage, margin pressure relief and economies of scale, our operations here has expanded Thomson's talent pool with access to high quality university graduates with the right background in business, finance, economics and accounting.  Access to a variety of experienced professionals in the financial industry like investment management, investment banking, as well as information technology and specialists with technical expertise in SAP gives us the right mix of people critical to our goals. Our people are able to understand and fit in the business environment and adopt a global mindset quickly, and thus contribute and add immediate value to the organization. The ability to support various languages from here is also a big plus ? apart from English, we cover some Asian (Mandarin, Japanese) and European (Spanish, Italian, German, French) language work ? that provides us tremendous operational flexibility and capability.  The workforce is dynamic, hugely resourceful and creative, and loyal with such an eagerness to excel and do things right ? this combination is pretty hard to find elsewhere and makes Manila such an important piece of our overall business strategy. "

~ Raoul Teh
Director, Content Operations - Asia, Country Manager - Philippines

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