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The People

"The Philippines' main advantage is the quality, enthusiasm, and attitude of its available workforce. Obviously, their knowledge of Western culture, English language skills, and government assistance also help."

~ Neil Elias
CEO of Philippine Global Service Delivery Center, Logica

This example shows the biggest assets the Philippines have: THE PEOPLE

  • English neutral accent
    The Philippines is the 3rd biggest English speaking country in the world with 70% of the population speaking a neutral accent English, which makes communication easy.

  • Culture
    Filipinos are known for their friendly, patient, accommodating and at the same time unobtrusive attitude. Combined with their historic Western-orientation collaboration with the Europeans can be established quickly and smoothly.

  • Highly educated
    The literacy rate of 95.1% is one of the highest in the world. More then 400,000 new graduates are entering the job market every year. 110,000 of those have a background in Business Administration and 65,000 in IT and engineering.

  • Work ethics
    Being loyal, fast learning and adaptable, the Filipinos work hard to grow their companies' business in today's constantly and ever faster changing world.

  • Low salary level
    The Philippines remains one of the lowest wage locations in the 2007 Global Service Location Index of AT Kearney with monthly salaries of app.  300 (PhP 18,000) for a call center agent,  360 (PhP 22,000) for a computer programmer or  75 per man-day for a project manager.

The People
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