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An excellent infrastructure forms the foundation for an off-shoring destination.  The following facts and figures underline the state-of-the-art infrastructure environment of the Philippines as per end of year 2007:

  • Communication
    The deregulated telecommunications industry provides redundant international connectivity with 24x7x365 support operation. Due to optic fiber landings/links the network is stable, robust and highly scalable. Costs have decreased steadily and are now at   2,500 - 3,000/month for E1-lines to the UK, as an example.

  • Office Space
    Office space with rental prices for premium locations of  10-18 /m2 is one of the cheapest in Asia. 52 IT zones in Manila and all over the country offer state-of-the-art infrastructure. To keep pace with the growing demand new office space was built in 2007 and more buildings are under construction.

  • Location
    The Philippines are located strategically, providing access to the 550 Million ASEAN market.  As the Asian key cities are reachable within 4 hours it's the regional logistic hub and an ideal basis for European companies to grow their Asian business.

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