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Medical & Legal Transcription

The great demand for documentation of medical and legal information continues to rise constantly. The conversion of medical records into electronic format, which in some countries is required from hospitals, is done by a specially trained workforce within a 24-hour period. To address the rising global demand for competent yet cost-effective workers, academic institutions specialising on medical transcription have been established while existing schools have begun offering medical transcription courses.

Examples of services provided
Consultation reports, Office visits, History and physical reports, Clinical notes, Operative reports, Psychiatric notes, Emergency notes, Discharge summaries, Progress notes, Patient assessment, Therapeutic procedures, Diagnosis, etc.

Major Players
eData Services, SPI Technologies, SVI Corporation, Medscribe Asia, Transkripsyo Inc., Total Transcription Solutions, Inc., Dictation Source, Pilipinas Data Contracts Corporation, Quisumbing Torres, CD Asia, Inc, etc.



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Medical & Legal Transcription
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