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Contact Centre

The most outstanding area in the past years has been the Contact Centre area. For many companies worldwide the Philippines as the 3rd largest English-speaking nation is an ideal location to take over inbound and increasingly outbound services - taking advantage of the friendly, unobtrusive and polite attitude of Filipinos.

Examples of services provided
Telemarketing, Advisory, Sales verification, Credit and collection, Reactivation/Reinstatement, Loyalty program, Customer service, Order entry, Inquiries, Technical help desk, Payment authorization, Order taking and fulfilment, Complaints, Disputes, Transcription, Requests, Electronic eligibility, Support, Sales, Marketing/Lead generating, Billing, etc.

Major Players
Third Party Providers:
Sykes, Convergys, PeopleSupport, Sitel, Clientlogic, Advance Contact Solutions, ePLDT Ventus, ICT Group, Ambergris, Teletech, eTelecare, Cybercity Teleservices, IBM Daksh, APAC, West, etc.

Siemens, HSBC, Merlin, Shell, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, AIG, Citibank, Dell, TrendMicro, etc.



Contact Centre
Engineering Design
Medical & Legal Transcription
Software Development