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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO covers a wide range of services - from accounting to Business Intelligence. Finance & accounting related services are the main area of expertise in BPO. Certified accountants who enter the Philippine labor force in large numbers every year are perfectly capable of executing any related service precisely and efficiently.

Examples of services provided
Accounting and bookkeeping, Account maintenance, Accounts receivable collection, Accounts payable administration, Payroll processing, Asset management, Financial analysis and auditing, Inventory control and purchasing, Expense and revenue reporting, Financial reporting, Tax reporting, Financial leasing, Credit card administration, Factoring and stock brokering, Revenue management, Transaction processing, Business data processing, Database management, Business Intelligence, Network management, Disaster recovery, Supply chain management, Sourcing and procurement, Logistics, Warehouse and inventory management, Transaction management, Customer relationship management, Human resources administration, Sales and marketing, etc.

Major Players
HSBC, Shell Shared Services, Deutsche Bank, Maersk, Alitalia, Ericsson, Misys, SGS, Henkel, HP, Procter & Gamble, AIG BPSI, Chevron Texaco, Flour Daniel, Citibank Crescent Services, Manulife, Watson Wyatt, Emerson, McKinsey & Co., Safeway, Thomson, etc.

Third Party Providers:
Accenture, IBM Business Services, Logica, American Data Exchange, SVI Corp, SPI Technologies, The Environments Collaborative, Eximius BPO, Prople BPO, Infinit-O BPO, BPO International, BayanTrade Dotcom, etc.



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